Photo Gallery

Water Loss at a Local School

This is what it looks like while we are doing our work at a local school. The carpet had water on it and the baseboards of the cabinetry was also affected by the water. In the picture, you can see our equipment at work, drying both the carpet and the cabinets instead of removing them altogether. 

Kitchen Fire

A local home suffered a kitchen fire which left a significant damage on the walls and wall cabinets. The problem was quickly dealt with and we make it "Like it never happened."

Water Damage Above a Shower

This is a picture of mold found above a shower in Palmdale. The hole in the ceiling was caused by a small leak in the pipes, which also caused the mold growth in the ceiling. Our goal is to fix disasters "Like it never happened".

Setting Up Containment

A local house in Palmdale had mold in their bathroom and a containment had to be set up before our crew could start cutting through the affected area. The sealing of the room with plastic avoids movement of mold through the air.

Cutting Through the Ceiling of a Shower

A local Palmdale home had a leak from the pipes from the second floor that destroyed through the ceiling of the first floor shower. Our crew had to cut the ceiling, which was heavily affected by the water damage.

Large Commercial Loss

This is a picture of our crew members setting up a containment at a large commercial loss. The building was heavily affected by a bursted fire hydrant that flooded the building from its upper floors down to the ground floor. Fortunately, SERVPRO was able to respond and serve the local Palmdale building.

SERVPRO Van at a Fire Loss

This is our SERVPRO van at a residential home, cleaning up a local fire loss. We try to make our jobs as quick as possible to get the homeowners back into their homes without being away from it for too long.

Commercial Water Loss

This is a picture of a local commercial water loss in Palmdale. SERVPRO was able to clean it up "Like it never happened" allowing the business to get up and running as quick as possible.

Garage Fire Loss

This is a picture of a garage in a local home in Palmdale that caught fire. SERVPRO was able to clean up the fire loss that left soot and smoke damage in the house.

Boarded Up Glass Panel

SERVPRO cleaned up the shattered glass after this local store got broken in to. Our crew boarded up the window panel as a temporary cover before a glass company replaces the window.